Behind the Badge

The Clarksville Police Department has brought back "Behind the Badge" in a completely different way, by giving the citizens of Clarksville an opportunity to meet our officers up close and personal. Showing that the badge doesn't solely define our officers and that they also have dreams, goals and hobbies outside of their daily duties. Behind the Badge will spotlight our men and women who protect us, which will help our community to get to know our officers in their personal lives as well.


Investigator V. Crosby finished

Investigator V. Crosby 

"I joined the Clarksville Police Department in 2017. I love helping others; whether it's teaching them how to install their car seat, giving a stuffed animal to an upset child at a crash, or letting drivers use my Hot Wheels to show me what happened at a crash. I try to have fun every day at work and I really enjoy working as a crash investigator. My goal is to be a good example for the citizens of the city I love. I understand that I can't please everyone and sometimes I have to taxi someone to jail, but I still treat everyone fairly. My hobbies include playing video games, painting, and collecting 80’s records. My favorite video would have to be any Zelda game (except Wind Waker)." 


Ivan S

Officer I. Szczerbiak

"I joined the Clarksville Police Department in May of 2006. I joined the Clarksville Police Department because I wanted to make my home as safe as I could after being overseas (military). I have been trying my best ever since I started. I enjoy playing video games and relaxing with my friends. My daughter and I enjoy watching the rain together and can spend all day jumping in puddles. I have also been to a few comic cons!." 


Behind the badge Officer J. Salcedo


"I joined the Clarksville Police Department in 2014. I applied for the department because I wanted to be the change I sought in the community. Prior to becoming a police officer, I was working at the University of Memphis Department of Residence Life. During my time there I was able to meet coworkers and friends who have inspired me to be someone that can make a difference. There are numerous hobbies I enjoy. I am hands down the best Mario Kart player in the department. I also enjoy trying out new places to eat. I'll drive hours just to try a recommended dish. In my bid to stay fit I lift several times a week. I'm also passionate about running. I've been an avid runner for the majority of my life. I'm currently a member of the Crisis Negotiations Team. I have had the opportunity to help people out of dangerous and sometimes tragic situations alongside excellent teammates I continually learn from. I am also a Field Training Officer and have the responsibility of guiding our new police officers through to the start of their careers. Being a police officer gives me the chance to make a positive change. My goal is to always leave a situation in a better place. I try my best to be good to my loved ones like anyone else, but I also make an effort to be good to everyone I meet. This includes on and off the job."


Sergeant Justin Doolittle

Sergeant J. Doolittle

“I joined the Clarksville Police Department in 2007 because I wanted to help keep Clarksville a safe place to live. While, I enjoyed every minute of serving my country, in the Army. I realized that I really wanted to serve the community where I grew up in a more direct way. In my free time, I enjoy fishing.”