Police Chaplain Program

The primary purpose of the Police Chaplain Program is to provide spiritual guidance and counseling to all members of the Clarksville Police Department and their families in times of need. With the upmost respect for each individual's religious preferences, the Chaplains make every effort to fulfill the spiritual needs of every member of the Clarksville Police Department, civilian and sworn personnel alike. 

Chaplains assist Officers and the community via a field ministry service by providing guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis. Much like the Clarksville Police Department's sworn personnel, every Chaplain has a strong desire to serve the community with compassion, regardless of a person's spiritual beliefs or personal background. The Police Chaplain Program provides another facet to the delivery of comprehensive responses for the members of the Clarksville Police Department and all the citizens of Clarksville.

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Clergy Rapid Mobilization Team (CRMT) 

The Police Chaplaincy Program  has organized their unique skill set into the Clergy Rapid Mobilization Team (CRMT). The CRMT is comprised of ministers of different ethnicities and faith groups from our community. Ready to mobilize at a moment's notice, CRMT members are poised to assist our community during natural disasters and community emergencies. 

With every interaction, CRMT aims to reach out to the communities of Clarksville and foster trust by interaction with members of the community and staying involved in a multitude of relationship-building activities.