Special Operations Division

The Clarksville Police Department is comprised of multiple units that are specialized in various areas of investigation. Detectives and/or Agents are assigned the responsibility of handling investigations which require special expertise because of their complexity or geographical considerations.


CANINE (K-9) Unit:

The K-9 Services Unit consists of dual purpose K-9s that assist all divisions of the Clarksville Police Department. The K-9s are trained to find narcotics, locate missing persons, find articles related to burglaries or other crimes and physical apprehension of suspects who represent a danger to the public or officers. All K-9s attend an extensive training course focused on vehicle searches, house searches, tracking and warrant service.

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The Homicide Unit is responsible for conducting all investigations related to homicides, suicides, and natural or accidental deaths. The Homicide Unit is tasked with the prosecution of some of the most violent offenders and is committed to seeing those found guilty being sentenced to fullest extent of the laws that are applicable.


The Special Victims Unit investigates all sex crimes involving children or adult and severe physical abuse of children. The SVU works in partnership with several community agencies; such as the Department of Children's Services,  Adult Protective Services, District Attorney's Office, and the Child Advocacy Center. SVU is also a member of the Montgomery County Sexual Assault Response Team, Child Protective Investigative Team, and the Vulnerable Adult Protection Team. 


The Special Operations Drug Unit has the primary responsibility for the detection, enforcement, and documentation of organized crime, narcotics and vice law violations. Such violations may include, but are not limited to activities involving illegal drugs, weapons, alcohol, gambling, pornography, prostitution and human trafficking. The Special Operations Drug Unit maintains the resources and capability to conduct covert operations for the control of vice, narcotics, and organized crime violations.

  1. Liane Wilson

    Commander, Special Operations Division