Land Regulation Advisory Committee

Established by RESOLUTION 60-1992-93; Mayor, County Executive, and Planning Director as ex-officio; two members of the City Council appointed by the city mayor, two members of the County Commission appointed by the county executive, two members of the Task Force recommended by the Task Force Board and jointly appointed by the city mayor and county mayor, one member of the Board of Education jointly appointed by the mayor and county executive; City Council, County Commission, and Task Force representatives – two year terms; two-term limit for all members.


  • Vacant        

  • Vacant       

  • Commissioner Joshua Beal       

  • Commissioner Joe Smith   

  • Vacant

  • Councilperson Ambar Marquis
    • Mar.  2022 -Feb 2024
  • Councilperson Joe Shakeenab      
    • Nov. 2022 - Aug. 2024   


   Jeff Tyndall  Regional Planning Commission 931-645-7448