Current Park Closures, canceled or postponed events

LocationReasonDate Closed
Edith Pettus Park Athletic Field, Lower Pavilion, Lower PlaygroundClosed for Renovations
Visit the Park Improvement Project Page for more information regarding this project. 
June 13, 2023
Swan Lake Golf CourseFreezing temperatures2/16 - 2/19

*Please note that decisions on athletic field closures are made each day. We will update the website as soon as possible after the decision. 

**Parks listed as closed due to flooding will be reopened once the water recedes and clean-up has been completed.

2024 Restroom Winter Closings

Clarksville Parks and Recreation closes certain restrooms and water fountains during the fall and winter. These facilities are listed below:

  • Billy Dunlop Park 
  • Pollard Rd Trailhead fountain
  • Mary's Oak Trailhead fountain
  • Heritage Dog Park fountain
  • Heritage Park Soccer
  • Dixon Park Pavilion
  • Lettie Kendall Park 
  • Liberty Park Valor Pavilion 
  • Liberty Park Triumph Pavilion 
  • Liberty Park Dog Park Fountain
  • Valleybrook Park 
  • Swan Lake Sports Complex 

*Restrooms at Victory Pavilion and under Freedom Point will remain open throughout the season*

*Heritage Park restrooms near the playground and softball fields will remain open*