Open Burning

To see if we are allowing open burning call 931-645-7454 on the day you would like to burn.

Here is a look at the city burn ordinance, when it comes to burning yard debris.

"The City Burn Ordinance allows residents to burn leaves in their yard provided they follow the guidelines. They are not required to obtain a burn permit to do so. A burn permit is required to burn piles larger than five feet in diameter," states Assistant Chief Jobe Moore.

Clarksville's Burn Ordinance: Sec. 7-208. Open Burning- This applies to residential burning

  No persons shall cause or allow open burning of refuse, garbage, or materials from salvage operations.  

  -From March 15 th through October 14 th of any calendar year burning shall not occur when the wind reaches a velocity of more than fifteen (15) miles per hour. 
-From October 15 th through March 14 th of any calendar year, burning shall not occur when the wind reaches a velocity of more than ten (10) miles per hour.  
  -All leaves must be readily combustible.
-Clear an area at least 10ft surrounding the leaves to prevent the spread of fire.
-A charged water hose long enough to reach the burn pile must be present.
-Never leave the burn pile unattended.
-Burning shall not occur within 25ft of any structure or property line.
-Piles of leaves/brush shall be smaller than 5ft in diameter, and there shall only be 1 pile burned at a time.
-All burning shall occur after 7:00 a.m. and must be completed before sunset.
-If a fire official arrives at the scene, and any of the above conditions have not been met, or other special circumstances exist, the fire official will cause the fire to be extinguished immediately.
For more information, and for commercial and construction burning follow this link to the Municipal City Code section on Open Burning

If you live in Montgomery County, but outside of the city limits, a burn permit is required. Please call 877-350-2876 or go to to obtain one.