Regional Historic Zoning Commission

See City Code Sec. 11-315.  7 members who have resided in Montgomery County for at least three years; one representative of a local patriotic or historical organization, one representative of the general public, and one member of the City Council all appointed by the City Council; one architect, one representative of the general public, one member of the County Commission appointed by the County Commission; one member of the Regional Planning Commission appointed by the City Council and County Commission; five-year terms.


City Members

  • Wanda Smith City Council
    • Mar. 2019 - Dec. 2022
  • Gail Longton Local Historical Organization (Eligible for re-appointment)  
    • Mar. 2022 - Feb. 2027
  • Marsha Williams General Public
    • Oct. 2022– Sept. 2027

County Members

  • John Gannon County Commission
    • Coterminous
  • Craig Rogers

  • Gary Norris General Public
    • Sept. 2022

Regional Planning Commission Member

  • Maria Jiminez

Contact the Board

 Regional Planning Commission 931-645-7448