Real Change, Not Spare Change

Real Change Not Spare Change panhandling is not the answer

Helping the Homeless in Clarksville

Real Change. Not Spare Change is a collaborative Clarksville community program that promotes alternate giving to community service providers who can provide a more lasting impact than simply giving money to people who are panhandling.

The idea is to redirect your generosity to an established, well-managed agency already working to provide a full range of life-changing assistance to people in need in the Clarksville community.

A donation to real change is an investment in long-term solutions.

Text GiveChange41444How to Donate

Donate today via text message using a safe, secure system managed by United Way of the Greater Clarksville Area. Text GIVECHANGE to 41444, and follow the prompts to donate or  via desktop.

United Way will distribute Real Change donations equally to three of its affiliated agencies that provide food, shelter and other services - the Community Action Agency, Manna Cafe and Urban Ministries.

Local Resources Available

View our list of Real Change agencies in Clarksville or download a resource list (PDF).

Responding to People Who Are Panhandling

So, what should you do?

  • Walk with certainty and confidence.
  • Make eye contact and acknowledge the person with a nod.
  • Choose to respond politely. You may simply say "no" or "not today."
  • If you want to offer something, consider bottled water or food gift certificates rather than money.
  • Call 931-648-0656 for non-emergency police assistance. Dial 911 in an emergency.

Join the Campaign

Posters & Flyers

The City of Clarksville has a poster, a resource card and the Real Change billboard image that your business or group may print to hand out or display.

Poster (PDF)

Real Change Not Spare Change Poster (PDF)

Resource Card (PDF)

Choose Real Change not Spare Change booklet cover (PDF)

Resource Card (PDF)

Real Change interior of booklet with resources (PDF)