Correct Change Only

  • Children (Age 4 and Under): Free
  • City Employee (With City of Clarksville Identification): $0.75
  • Full Fare: $1.50
  • Senior Age 65 and Over (With Clarksville Transit System (CTS) Photo Identification): Free
  • Student (With Identification Card): $1
  • Transfers: $0.25
  • Disabled (With CTS Photo Identification Card or Medicare Card): $0.75


  • 1-Day Pass: $4
  • 7-Day Pass $20
  • 31-Day Liberty Pass: $50
  • 31-Day Liberty Disabled Pass (CTS Photo Identification, Medicare Card or Veterans Service Connected Identification Card): $25

Passes can be purchased on buses or the Transit Center.

disabled half fare application

To qualify for disabled half fare, you will need to fill out the application below. If you are unable to print the application, you can pick one up at the Transit Center.

Please download the Disabled half fare application (PDF). This application must be printed out and manually completed. It cannot be filled out online. Do not mail or fax the completed application. Please return it in person to the Transit Center for review at 200 Legion Street, Clarksville, TN.