Water Conservation Tips

Water is a precious resource we sometimes take for granted. But as responsible citizens we must all come together to preserve, protect and conserve our water resource for now and for future generations. We at Gas and Water are committed to the safe delivery of high quality water to the community that meets or exceeds Federal and State regulations. Employees work diligently around the clock to ensure safe drinking water is there for you and your families each time you turn on the tap.

At times it is necessary to disrupt water service to perform important and necessary repairs or upgrades to the water system and we do our best to minimize these occurrences. However, during these times, we may ask you to minimize water use, only for short periods, to allow construction crews to make repairs. Follow the helpful hints in our Water Conservation-Helpful Tips brochure (PDF) to curtail water use when necessary and how to make water conservation an essential part of your daily life.


More good sources about water and water conservation can be found on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency site and on the American Water Works Association, DrinkTap.org.

Wyland Foundation Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation

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