Natural Gas Meter Replacement Program

Gas MeterA safe and reliable natural gas system for customers and the community is a top priority for the staff at Clarksville Gas and Water. Maintaining a high level of safety and dependability customers expect and deserve requires around the clock monitoring by gas department personnel. Routine measures are taken to meet or exceed strict federal and state regulations for the safe operation of Clarksville’s system from the installation and maintenance of natural gas pipelines to the meters that measure usage.

Clarksville’s natural gas meter replacement program is one of our annual preventative maintenance measures with the goal of replacing meters that have been in service for approximately ten years with newly inspected meters to ensure accuracy. This practice also allows gas technicians to visually inspect the meter assembly and ensure the area around the meter location is clear of debris, plants, shrubs and bushes. There should be a minimum allowance of thirty-six inches on both sides of the meter setup and a minimum of thirty-six inches in front of the meter. Shut off valve must not be blocked or buried.

Technician Inspections

Beginning in March, qualified gas department technicians, will visit various neighborhoods in the service area to replace meters. It’s not necessary for the customer to be present for the meter replacement, but if no one is available to grant access to relight natural gas appliance pilot lights, the gas service will be turned off and locked off for your safety. A door hanger will be left explaining the work performed and instructions to call the Gas Department at 931-645-7422 to have a technician dispatched immediately to return to restore natural gas service and re-light pilot lights.

Clarksville Gas and Water strives to provide safe and reliable service so you and your family can enjoy the convenience of natural gas in your homes and businesses. Thank you for allowing us to be your natural gas provider. Gas technicians are available 24 hours a day to address gas meter problems or if you smell natural gas inside or outside your home or business. Call 931-645-7400 for a gas technician.

Note: Clarksville Gas and Water employees carry an official City of Clarksville identification photo badge and you may ask to see their identification at any time or you may call the main office, 931-645-7400, to confirm their identity.