Establish New Gas Service

A licensed gas contractor is required for all natural gas installations. A list of qualified gas contractors is available from either the Clarksville Gas Division or the City Building and Codes Department. The procedure for establishing new service is made easy by completing the following steps.


First, verify the availability of natural gas by calling the Gas Division at 931-645-7422. The following fees must be paid prior to the installation:

Fee TypeAmount
Application Fee$25
Tap Fee (For initial 150 feet of service line - $2 for each additional foot)$150
Turn-On Fee$50
Total Cost$225

Excess footage exceeding the allowance will be invoiced separately after installation, and you will be notified in advance what the additional cost will be.

Yellow Flag Placement

Upon payment, the new construction service representative will issue you a yellow flag. The placement of the flag is very important. Do not place flag within 3 feet of any electrical source. In addition, please do not place flag directly under a window or in front of a vent.

After receiving your flag you must contact the contractor that will be installing your gas appliance or unit. Your contractor will advise you where to place the flag. Placement of the flag should be against the wall of your house where the meter will be placed. Note: You are not scheduled for the service installation until you have notified the Gas Department that your flag has been placed in the desired location. Installations are scheduled on a first come first served basis.

Piping & Venting

Your gas installer will run piping to the location of the flag. The piping and venting of the appliances or unit must be inspected and approved by the City of Clarksville Building and Codes Department Gas Inspector before a meter can be installed. Billing will begin once a meter is installed and activated.

Additional Information

For questions call the Gas Department at 931-645-7422. For specific, Natural Gas usage cost, please refer to the Fees, Penalties and Deposits page.