Customer Owned Buried Piping

The Clarksville Gas Department is required by CFR 192.16 to advise our customers of certain safety recommendations regarding customer-owned underground natural gas piping. View the Natural Gas Customer Notice and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) on Excess Flow Valve (EFV) regulation handout (PDF).

The Clarksville Gas Department operates our gas system with an emphasis on safety. We are required to design, operate, and maintain our underground natural gas pipeline system in accordance with prescribed federal safety standards. We do not own or maintain any gas piping downstream (customer side) of the meter. Gas piping beyond the meter is the property and responsibility of the customer or building owner. If underground (metallic) gas piping is not properly maintained, it may be subject to corrosion and/or leakage.


Buried gas piping should be periodically inspected for leaks and corrosion (if metallic) and repaired if any unsafe condition is discovered. If excavation is necessary, the piping should be located in advance and any excavation (digging) near the piping performed by hand.

To ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of these lines, the customer (or building owner) is advised to contact a licensed gas plumber or heating contractor to assist in locating, inspecting, and repairing the customer-owned buried gas piping. The Yellow Pages are an excellent source of listings of licensed gas plumbers and heating contractors.

Additional Information

If we can answer any questions regarding this notice, please give us a call at 931-645-7400. In addition, if you are planning any type of excavation, please call 811 or 800-351-1111 at least 3 days prior to the start of your work so that underground utilities can be located.