Fire Operations

Clarksville Fire Rescue’s Operations division is made up of 3 shifts of 83 personnel per shift. Each shift has 1 Battalion Chief, 3 District Chiefs, 3 Captains, and 10 Lieutenants. The operations division works a 24 hours on and 48 hours off schedule. When the persons of each shift are not fighting fires, responding to motor vehicle accidents, or medical calls, they perform other tasks like testing fire hydrants, pre-fire planning, and training. Clarksville Fire Rescue tests over 5,000 fire hydrants twice a year color coding them so that the responding unit will know how many gallons per minute the hydrant, that they might need, flows.

Pre-fire planning is done to familiarize the crews with commercial buildings in their stations area. Known hazards such as gas and electrical shut offs, are just some of the information gathered. Emergency contact information is also obtained so that if we have an emergency call in the middle of the night or on a weekend we know who to contact to gain access.

Battalion 1

  • Scott Owens, Assistant Chief
  • Tom Ford, District Chief
  • Jim Eley, District Chief
  • David Lannon, District Chief

Battalion 2

  • Daniel Moore, Assistant Chief
  • Josh Snyder, District Chief
  • Jeremy Stewart, District Chief
  • Kevin Finch, District Chief

Battalion 3

  • Michael Welch, Assistant Chief
  • Travis Merchant, District Chief
  • Chris Parker, District Chief
  • Troy Shepherd, District Chief