Business & Tax Information

View business license information on our Citizens Self Service website. There is a $15 business license fee for all newly issued licenses.

"The Business Tax Act makes it a taxable privilege to make sales or engage in any vocation listed in Tennessee Code Sections 67-4-708 and 67-4-710. Any county or incorporated municipality in Tennessee may levy the privilege tax on those listed activities that take place within its geographical boundaries." (The State of Tennessee Business Tax Guide)

Business Licenses

Businesses are required to complete a  Business Zoning Application  in order to determine whether they are zoned correctly for their business. Once the form is completed by the business owner, it will go through an approval process through Building and Codes. This form must be approved by Building and Codes BEFORE a business license can be issued. Paper copies of the Use Permit Application are available at our office.

City Code requires that businesses that qualify, possess a current City of Clarksville business license. Businesses must open their license with the City of Clarksville either in person, or by mail. To do so by mail, you must include a copy of the primary owner’s valid driver’s license in addition to the $15 fee.  Application for Business License Registration

Business License Renewals

Minimal activity business licenses can be renewed by payment of the annual $15 license fee to our office.

To renew a standard business license, you must file and pay business tax to the Tennessee Department of Revenue using their electronic filing system called Once the tax is filed and paid, the Business Tax Office in City Hall is notified and will send you a copy of your new license.  There is no fee to receive a renewed standard business license.  The Tennessee Department of Revenue can be reached at (800)342-1003 or (615)253-0600 by telephone for questions or you may submit a request for assistance by email to

Determining Your Classification & Tax Period

Your tax period is based on when your business’ fiscal year ends.  For most businesses, this is December 31st.  Businesses who have a standard business license must file and pay their business tax to the Tennessee Department of Revenue no later than the fifteenth day of the fourth month following the end of their tax year.  Your business license expires on the fifteenth day of the fifth month after the end of the upcoming tax year, so please ensure your taxes are filed and paid timely so that your business license can be renewed. 

Tennessee Department of Revenue

For more information on Tennessee business tax law and other information relating to business tax, please visit the Tennessee Department of Revenue’s website.