Enrollment Information

You must be a regular full-time employee of the City of Clarksville to be eligible for most employee benefits. All regular full-time employees, or full-time equivalents are eligible for enrollment in the City’s health, pharmacy, dental, and life insurance plans on the first day of the calendar month following completion of one full calendar month of service. If the employee does not enroll in the plan when initially eligible, future enrollment is restricted to the result of a qualifying event or designated open enrollment periods.

Qualifying Events

A qualifying event is defined as:

  • Adoption
  • Birth
  • Change in spouse’s employment that affects their insurance
  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Marriage

Adding or Deleting Dependents

If an employee experiences a life event and needs to add or delete dependents from his/her policies, he/she will have 31 days from the date of the event to come to the Human Resources office and make the change. If the employee delays past 31 days, he/she cannot make changes until the next open enrollment period. Also, the employee will need to provide proof of the event (marriage certificate, divorce papers, birth certificate, etc.) in order to make the change.  Employees should call the Human Resources Benefit Office at 931-645-7421 for further information. 

Open Enrollment

Benefits open enrollment occurs once a year.  Specific information will be disseminated each year prior to open enrollment.  Specific locations for the event will be announced closer to the open enrollment period.

Enrollment Forms

Our online portal is up and running, and we are excited to begin using this for all of our new hire benefit enrollment, as well as all life and open enrollment changes.  

New Hire Enrollment Instructions

Life Events Instructions