About Us

Parks and Rec Front

We are on a mission to build a stronger community by providing a variety of positive experiences and exceptional facilities while preserving our natural resources.  


Clarksville Parks & Recreation has a long and rich history. We're excited to release an updated brand identity, which includes a new logo, colors and font. You'll see the new look on our website, social media, and soon in our parks and facilities. Our new identity pays homage to Clarksville’s past but also juxtaposes this sentiment with a nod to the future. As the City of Clarksville grows, it’s important to keep this heritage and character alive -- to create a community that embraces its future while harmoniously respecting its past.

The logo simplifies its offerings and focuses on a prominent symbol of nature—a tree which is created with the initials “C” and “P”, commonly referred to as Clarksville Parks. This monolinear logo brings our organization into the modern era, creating simplicity among a rather complex structure such as Clarksville Parks and Recreation. 

Clarksville Parks & Recreation maintains 1,000 acres of parks and facilities. These 21 parks offer a variety of amenities including playgrounds, picnic areas, walking trails, and pavilions. Several of the parks throughout Clarksville also feature restrooms, open play areas, outdoor fitness equipment, splash pads, basketball and tennis courts, and sport fields. Additionally, Clarksville Parks & Recreation maintains four public swimming pools and three recreation centers with year-round programming for youth, adults, and seniors.

Our Values, We Are:

  • Customer Focused: Public Servant, Exceptional Service to Taxpayers
  • Open & Transparent: Accountability, Sharing Information
  • Fair & Just: Free from Bias, Conclusions Based on all the Facts Provided
  • Diverse and Inclusive- Creation of programs and events and hiring employees that include all regardless of age, race, sexual preference, physical capabilities. 
  • Safe & Secure: Providing secure facilities and workspaces that protect our employees and our patrons.
  • Leadership-Minded: Inspiring Others to Achieve a Common Goal/Mission
  • Productive & Performance: Efficient Use of Time Management
  • Ethical: We operate with Integrity and Honesty, Strong Moral Principles
  • Performance Above Minimum Standards: Achievement & Excellence


City of Clarksville Vision Statement

The first choice for residents and industry-led by an efficient, effective, and transparent City government focused on quality of life.

Clarksville Parks & Recreation Master Plan