The mission of the Property and Evidence Section is to provide secure, controlled storage of property acquired by Officers in the course of their duties and to safeguard and properly dispose of all property that comes into its custody.

Property and Evidence are entered and tracked in our Evidence Management System. Each item is bar-coded and tracked by an Evidence Tech as it enters or leaves the Property Room. This provides a detailed chain-of-custody report for each piece of evidence/property.

Before any weapons are released, a background check will be performed to ascertain your eligibility to receive these weapons.

Property is released Monday - Friday, 7 AM - 3:30 PM, excluding holidays. The owner of the property must provide a valid ID to claim items. If a person lives out of state or a great distance away the following measures can be taken to return property. The owner of the property can appoint someone locally to pick up the property.  We will need a letter/email on file from the owner giving permission for the person to retrieve the property. To arrange for the release of property, please call (931) 645-1166.

Evidence CPD