The Hub

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  • Thursday, April 4th, 2024
  • 4:30-6:30 p.m.
  • Burt Elementary School

What The Hub can do for Clarksville

Unite Resources - Let’s get together!

Clarksville-Montgomery County is expanding fast and so are the needs of the community. As a team, we can target underrepresented areas and cater resources to fit the community.  

Provide a Venue - Under one roof!

We are fortunate to have multiple park locations and venues that will be a great asset for Hub events. It is our pleasure to use these locations to make resources more accessible to the public.

Market Services - Get the word out!

Our department has an established social media presence and a talented marketing team. We will be able to create in-house marketing materials for Hub events and market to our growing number of social media followers.

Hub Partners

  1. All About Counseling and Wellness
  2. Andrew's Legacy Planning
  3. Angel's Closet
  4. Catholic Charities
  5. Center of Family Development
  6. Clarksville Transit
  7. Clarksville PD-CRU
  8. Cumberland Pediatric Foundation
  9. Custom House Museum
  10. Educational Opportunity Center
  11. Family and Children Services
  12. First Presbyterian Church
  13. Insight Counseling
  14. Love is Pink
  15. ManPower
  16. Manna Clothing
  17. Mayor’s Youth Council
  18. Matthew Walker
  19. Mental Health Co-Op
  20. Montgomery County Health Dept.
  21. Narco Anonymous
  22. Neighborhood & Community Services
  23. Parks & Recreation
  24. Salvation Army
  25. The Learning Center
  26. The Nurture House Group
  27. TN Department of Human Services
  28. Veterans Upward Bound