Transportation 2020+

The Transportation 2020+Strategy is a strategic document designed to guide transportation decisions within the fiscal reality of the City’s budget.

Mayor Joe Pitts, the City Council, and leaders of theCover Page Clarksville Street Department, Clarksville Transit System, Clarksville Parks & Recreation, Clarksville Finance & Revenue, the City Communications office the Regional Planning Commission, and our Metropolitan Planning Organization have gathered over the past several months to study Clarksville’s priority transportation needs and develop a strategy for action.

Members of the past City Council were consulted during the ongoing planning, and members of the newly seated City Council will now join the process.

“The Transportation 2020+ Strategy was prepared to set our street and road priorities for the near future," Mayor Pitts said. "We need a roadmap that we commit to follow, in broad terms, even as we move through elections and personnel changes. Otherwise, we’ll never get where we need to go.”

Since many of Clarksville’s major thoroughfares are state highways, the planning group has worked closely with Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) officials to understand where, how, and when State Routes will be improved. 

The Strategy prioritizes transportation projects into three tiers with a combined estimated cost of $462 million. These projects are tiered based on need, their ability to solve the City’s most pressing traffic and mobility problems, and the best allocation of City resources to equitably implement transportation priorities throughout the city.

  • Tier 1 projects are prioritized by their ability to adhere to the City’s transportation core values.
    • They are generally larger projects which are ranked as urgently needed to address traffic congestion, promote motorist and pedestrian safety, connect the community and expand transit service. 
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 projects and programs focus on the community’s identifiable and expected future mobility needs.

The Strategy, found below, outlines the proposed priority improvements, estimates the costs associated with each project, and outlines options available to fund the Strategy's goals.

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